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Home Remedies: Vicks Vapor Rub Uses Now is the time to know how the Vicks vapor rub can help you do more than just rubbing to your chest when you have a cold. But did you know that you can truly use it for several other home problems? Many problems that you face in your home have solutions right around you. The vapor product also has significant ingredients including menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus. The combination has strong smell that is not only curative but also acts as a repellent for bugs! Among the most popular uses of the menthol vapor rub is unblocking the chest. Some people love to use it when it comes to decongesting the nose. But did you know there are many other ideas of using this great herbal product? Now, here is how the vapor rub can be used to reduce pains, repel pests and solve the conflicts between your pets and the furniture, if you understand! Below are the uses. Relieve a disturbing earache
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When you have an aching ear, you should find a way to stop it. Yes- you need to see a doctor eventually, but there are things you can do to save the moment. The menthol vapor will do wonders, especially if you apply it in the right manner. When applying the paste, a cotton ball will come in handy. Use the ear stick to apply the vapor rub in the ear. You, however, need to note that the vapor is not going to heal you. Instead, it relieves your earache and gives you ample time to get to a doctor. Later, you can see a doctor.
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Get ripped! That you can get rid of your abdominal fat and get a slim waist is one of the wonders of the menthol vapor. Well, this may sound a little new, but if you know how to come up with the fat-fighting solution, you will end up with that slender shape that you have been looking for! You need to mix tablespoons of camphor, baking soda, and whiskey with half a jar of the Vicks vapor. Next, beat the mixture until you are left with a uniform paste. Every time you go for your exercises, you should apply the paste onto your abdominal area. If you want to wash the menthol vapor off your skin; then you will need to use plenty hot soapy water. The vapor mixture is as effective as the high end slimming gels you buy at the stores. Anytime you have a problem, think about home remedies! The menthol product can help you get on the right path of leading a healthy life. It is also possible to fight dead skin cells, and this is essential for beauty enthusiasts. You see how that pure menthol product can even help you to save cash? And won’t you order it today?

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