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Benefits Of Fluoride To The Teeth Growing up, fluoride was a common term in relation to all things dental. For others, it was the first chemical element they knew. This was made possible because of the many times it was mentioned in toothpaste advertisements. This went a long way in making our young minds realize that fluoride had to be special. Inasmuch as we are aware it is important, it is possible that we may know little about how important it is. Fluoride as we know it is found within the crust of the earth. It can be obtained from particular food, mouthwash or even in water that has been fluoridated.Fluoride is advantageous to your teeth. It is not difficult to access fluoride; therefore, there is no reason why you should not benefit from it. The first benefit of fluoride is that it helps the teeth fight decay. The mouth is full of bacteria, and the kind that causes decay is referred to as plaque bacteria. Bacteria release acid after feeding on the sugar in our mouth in the same way we remove waste from our bodies after eating. This acid is responsible for wearing the enamel of the teeth. With fluoride present, the acids are neutralized by the compounds that fluoride helps produce. Fluoride makes there to be a balance between the decay acid and the combative elements which significantly reduces the chances of decay.
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Fluoride restores minerals back to your teeth. The decay of teeth is followed by loss of minerals from the outer layer. Remineralization is done by the use of fluoride on your teeth perhaps by use of mouthwash or in drinking water from the tap. It does this by attracting other chemicals such as calcium that are quite beneficial to the teeth. Calcium, for instance, is a significant mineral in the structural integrity of the teeth. With fluoride you will not be stuck with decayed teeth since they can be restored.
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Fluoride is necessary for strengthening in your teeth during their development. Fluoride is present in the blood, and it is channeled to the developing teeth to give them strength. It is the fluoride in the teeth that makes growing teeth be able to withstand decay especially in the clasps. That area would be the best place for the bacteria to thrive but fluoride prevents that from happening. Fluoride makes your teeth decay-resistant. This is because when the bacteria cause the teeth to decay, the fluoride restores the minerals to the teeth. This is the best thing that could happen to your teeth. Fluoride does not get as much credit as it deserves. Seeing how beneficial it is, we need to look for it deliberately. You never know, fluoride could be what we need to reduce the trips to the dentist for extraction and filling of cavities. To make sure that your teeth stay strong brush at least three times a day and sip on water with fluoride.

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