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Amazon Prime Benefits

Shipping of goods from one place as ordered is what Amazon majorly entails. . A number of users subscribe to Amazon Prime because of three major reasons which are, free shipping, free two day delivery and Amazon instant video.Mentioned below are more advantages of choosing to go the Amazon Prime way.

Offers Membership Sharing

It is allowed to share your prime membership with over two other men and women. It will be easier for the other members you are sharing your account with to enjoy the endless benefits offered without the need to give them direct access to your personal account. These members are supposed to be living at the same address as yours. Therefore, it will not make sense if you share membership with people very far from you.If you want to invite somebody, you need to be aware of their full names, birthday and their email address.

Photo Storage

As part of the Prime Photo Program a member’s free cloud storage plan is expanded so that it allows for unlimited photo files. Amazon cloud drive offers new members with 5GB of free data storage. You are able to store whatever you want to store without restrictions. Things to be store could include photos, videos or music files. Photos taken in the present and those that will be uploaded in the future do not affect your storage data limit in any way.

There is Flat-Free Grocery Deliveries Offered

There is a program in Amazon called Prime Pantry that enables a member to order groceries at some amount set. Mostly, qualified items are marked as Prime Pantry things when shopping. After an order is made , all goods are shipped together in a single Prime Pantry box. The boxes can only be shipped by ground because of the air shipping regulations that have to be followed to the latter. It is a rule that the ordered goods reach their destination within four working days.

Offers Absolutely Free Months of Prime

The advantage of being a student at the university or college and has an edu mail address is that you will be able to register as members of Amazon Student program and enjoy the free six month trial for prime After the trial period comes to an end, you could go a step ahead and apply for Amazon Prime Membership at a discount of fifty percent off.

Free e-books are Offered

There are no physical copies of books offered. However, subscribers can freely access eBooks without any difficulties. Non prime members pay a certain amount for the eBooks. There are a number of books for every genre.

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